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Hanley Village Farm was founded by Mr. Hanley Nyathi, in the province of Mpumalanga in South Africa, as one of the best suitable lands for mixed agriculture. With the best communities around his farm, Hanley Village Farm will grow rapidly within a short space of time due to support and initiatives from the local communities, as well as Hanley Village Farm will plough back to the communities through youth empowerment and entrepreneurship programs both in farming and cutting edge technology.


Our Hanley Village Farm is operated by highly experience expertise in the field of agriculture, animal husbandry as well meat processing, to ensure that our services are always at par. This initiative helps us grow rapidly within a short space of time, in-terms of quality, productivity and efficiency. Health and safety is our number one priority to ensure we serve our elite clients with the first grade products at all the time

As part of our operations plan we have adapted to the client change, to ensure that our production levels are always optimum’

We are registered and comply with all the agriculture and local authorities to ensure that our operations are not interrupted at whatever cost

We adhere to the local rules and regulations on supporting the local communities through empowerment and employment creation

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